Piotr Kokoszka

Contact Information

E-mail: firstName.lastName AT colostate.edu
Phone: (970) 491 6870
Address: Department of Statistics, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO 80523, USA
Office: Statistics 202

Research Interests

My research is concerned with statistical modeling and inference. Areas of current interest include:

Selected recent publications

P. Kokoszka, H. Miao and X. Zhang, Functional dynamic factor model for intraday price curves, Journal of Financial Econometrics , 13, 456-477, 2015 pdf file

L. Horvath, P. Kokoszka and G. Rice, Testing stationarity of functional time series, Journal of Econometrics , 179, 66-82, 2014 pdf file

S. Hörmann and P. Kokoszka, Consistency of the mean and the principal components of spatially distributed functional data, Bernoulli , 19 , 1535-1558, 2013 pdf file

More Papers

Book on functional data

Editorial service

Econometrics and Statistics,
Computational Statistics and Data Analysis,
Journal of Time Series Analysis,
Statistical Modelling

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