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Applying for Admission to the Distance MS in Statistics Program

This information is only needed if you are pursuing the MS degree by distance. Resident instruction MS students should contact the main Statistics office at stats@colostate.edu. Students pursuing a certificate simply sign up for the courses that they need as a non-degree seeking student.

We are in the process of removing our MS (Master's of Science) in Statistics from our distance offerings. The MAS (Master of Applied Statistics) degree will be offered beginning Fall 2012. Please see the information on our new MAS degree.

Only students who have already taken (or who are currently taking) STAT 520 will be eligible to apply for admission into the MS distance program. Students who are currently taking STAT 520 will need to take STAT 530 in Spring 2012 to be able to continue with the MS degree by distance.

Note: some credits taken toward the MS degree will be allowed to transfer into the MAS degree.

Note that a minimum of 21 credits must be completed through CSU after admission. Students should keep this in mind when deciding when to apply for admission.  In order for all prior admission credits to count toward the degree, MS students should take no more than 13 credits prior to admission. Please also see this website:   http://www.stat.colostate.edu/DDP/degree.html.

Students who have taken or are currently taking STAT 520 may contact the Statistics Department's distance office for assistance or information regarding applying for admission.

Would you like more information about the program?
Charlene Spencer, Coordinator
Distance Program Office
Phone: (970) 491-5268

Fax: (970) 491-1084