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2-Year Plan for Completing the MAS by Distance

The following plan is recomended for completion of the MAS degree within a 2-year period. This plan is based on the current schedule for distance STAA course offerings and takes into account the prerequisites and co-requisites for all of the courses in this degree program. If you choose to deviate from this plan, please be sure to confirm that courses are offered by distance during the term you choose to take them and that you are meeting the prerequisites indicated on our Course Descriptions site. For additional details regarding courses, please contact Jana Anderson.

First Academic Year (end of July to mid-May)

Subterm 1 (end of July to mid-August): MSSA, CSSA (0 credits)
Subterm 2 (mid-August to mid-October): STAA551, STAA561 (4 credits)
Subterm 3 (mid-October to mid-December): STAA552, STAA562 (4 credits)
Subterm 4 (mid-January to mid-March): STAA553, STAA571 (4 credits)
Subterm 5 (mid-March to mid-May): STAA554, STAA568
(3 credits)

Second Academic Year (mid-August to late June)

Subterm 2 (mid-August to mid-October): STAA565, STAA573 (3 credits)
Subterm 3 (mid-October to mid-December): STAA566, STAA572 (3 credits)
Subterm 4 (mid-January to mid-March): STAA567, STAA576 (3 credits)
Subterm 5 (mid-March to mid-May): STAA574, STAA575 (4 credits)
Subterm 6 (mid-May to late June): STAA556 (3 credits)


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