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MAS Distance Course Schedule

Subterm 1(August)
Subterm 2 (1st half Fall)
Subterm 3 (2nd half Fall)
Subterm 4 (1st half Spring)
Subterm 5 (2nd half Spring)
Subterm 6 (May/June)
MSSA - Math Skills for Statistical Analysis** STAA561 - Probability with Applications STAA562 - Mathematical Statistics with Applications STAA553 - Experimental Design STAA554 - Mixed Models STAA556 - Statistical Consulting*
CSSA - Computing Skills for Statistical Analysis** STAA551 - Regression Models and Applications STAA552 - Generalized Regression Models STAA576 - Methods in Environmental Statistics* STAA574 - Methods in Multivariate Analysis*  
  STAA573 - Analysis of Time Series* STAA572 - Non-parametric Methods* STAA571 - Survey Statistics STAA575 - Applied Bayesian Statistics*  

STAA565 - Quantitative Reasoning*

STAA566 - Computational and Graphical Methods* STAA567 - Computational and Simulation Methods* STAA568 - Topics Industrial/ Organizational Statistics  
  STAA576 - Methods in Environmental Statistics***   STAA551 - Regression Models and Applications - non-live    

* indicates a course which will not be offered until the 2013-2014 Academic Year
** indicates a course which will be offered noncredit through CSU OnlinePlus

*** non-live course to be offered beginning Fall 2014

Note: We enforce our prerequisites! If you cannot show that you have taken the prerequisites for a course, you may be dropped from the class roster. Please make sure that you have the indicated prerequisites before registering!

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