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Summary of Program

The MAS degree offered by distance is the same MAS degree that our resident instructions earn, with the same courses and expectations as those required of resident instruction students. It will differ from our current MS in Statistics in that it will emphasize the practical application of statistics, focusing on the methods and computational aspects.  The goal of this degree is to enable students to start working as practicing statisticians in industry, government or academia right after graduation.  In contrast to the MS degree, the MAS does not allow students to continue towards the PhD degree in our department. The program must be started in July or August and can be completed in under two years for part-time students (or in 11 months for full-time students). Students may take longer to complete the MAS, if needed.

The MAS has an innovative, well thought out curriculum.  The courses were designed specifically for the MAS with little overlap with the MS courses.   The 19 classes are taught in six sub-terms over approximately 11 months, comprising four half-semesters and parts of the bracketing summers.  Courses are taught by highly-qualified CSU statistics faculty. Prerequisites for the MAS program are calculus through multivariable integration, linear algebra, and one undergraduate level statistics course.

The program starts with math and computing “boot-camp” programs in the three weeks prior to the start of the fall semester.  The math boot-camp, "Math Skills for Statistical Analysis" (MSSA), is intended to be an intensive review of the necessary methods in calculus and linear algebra, to get everyone up to speed and on the same page.  The computing boot-camp, "Computing Skills for Statistical Analysis" (CSSA), will introduce SAS and R for use during the year. Both courses will be offered to distance students as noncredit courses through CSU Online Plus.

The fall and spring semesters are each divided into half-semesters (8 week sub-terms) of four classes and seven credits: three 2-credit classes and one 1-credit class are offered in each sub-term, for a total of 28 credits during the regular academic year. During the first year of the MAS program (2012-13), only 8 credits (four 3-credit classes) will be offered during the fall semester; and only 7 credits (three 2-credit classes and one 1-credit class) will be offered during the spring semester. After the first academic year, the distance schedule will match the resident instruction schedule.

After completion of 28 credits, the MAS program finishes with the 4-week capstone consulting class in May and June.  Students learn communication skills and complete a consulting project, applying the methods learned during the year.

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