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Applying for Admission to the Distance MAS Program

This information is only needed if you are pursuing the MAS degree by distance. Resident instruction MAS students should contact the main Statistics office at stats@colostate.edu or go to the resident instruction MAS site. Students pursuing a certificate simply sign up for the courses that they need as a non-degree seeking student. However, permission is required for non-admitted students to register for MAS courses. Only a limited number of non-admitted students will be allowed to take these courses.

With prior permission, students may begin the MAS program as a non-degree seeking student. Contact Dr. Jana Anderson for permission to begin as a non-degree seeking student and for advice on the appropriate prior admission coursework. Note that a minimum of 21 credits must be completed through CSU after admission. Students should keep this in mind in deciding when to apply for admission.  In order for all prior admission credits to count toward the degree, MAS students should take no more than 10 credits prior to admission.

A four-year baccalaureate degree is required for admission into any graduate program at CSU.  Most three-year baccalaureate degrees are not accepted.  The GRE is strongly recommended.

The online application for admission is available through the Graduate School website. Please note that not all of the information on the Online Graduate Application page applies to distance students. In particular, proof of financial support is not required for international applicants. Additionally, TOEFL scores are not needed for international applicants with one or more degrees from or work experience in countries in which the official language is English. To apply now, click here. Note: Distance students will select Statistics, Applied - MAS - Distance.

Application Deadlines: Applications will be accepted through May 1st for Fall admission to the MAS distance program (this includes the summer math and computing courses, which are noncredit courses). Students with appropriate prior admission coursework may apply until December 15, 2012 for a Spring 2013 admission. This coursework should include STAA 551/552 and STAA 561/562 or equivalent. Summer admissions are not accepted for this degree program.

Application Materials: When applying for admission, you must submit the following:

  • online application and fee (select Statistics, Applied - MAS - Distance
  • official transcripts for all universities/colleges attended
  • GRE scores, if available (strongly recommended - should be submitted through ETS using our university code, 4075)
  • a personal statement of applicant
  • a current resume
  • 3 letters of reference (no faxes or scanned documents)

Please note the following regarding transcripts:

  • You must submit transcripts for every university you have attended, even if only one course was taken.
  • Training course transcripts from branches of the US military that show credit received with neither grades nor degrees awarded are exempt from the transcript requirement.

For your reference letters, please keep the following in mind:

  • Letters should be from (1) previous or current college/university instructors, (2) previous or current, immediate professional supervisor, or (3) observers, other than supervisors, who can verify the specific impact of the applicant's professional or intellectual expertise.
  • Letters from friends, co-workers, relatives are considered only supplemental to above three (3).
  • Letters need to be on hard copy stationery with original signature and on letterhead stationery of the institution or business, when relevant. Faxed or scanned letters are not admissible.

Transfer Credit: If you have taken prior master's level coursework in statistics, those credits may be considered for transfer into our MAS program, provided the grade earned was at least a B and the course was of the appropriate type and level for our MAS program. Any courses that have been taken to fulfill a requirement for another degree, even as an elective, cannot be allowed for transfer. A petition for transfer credit should be submitted along with the application materials indicated above. Please note that a minimum of 24 credits must be earned through CSU, 21 of which must be earned after admission to Graduate School. Note: Courses requested for transfer must have been completed within the last ten years. (See Transfer Credit Requirements - Graduate School).

Please refer to Admissions Requirements and Procedures of the CSU Graduate and Professional Bulletin for general information regarding graduate admission to CSU.

Applicants should send the application materials to

Statistics Department - Distance
Colorado State University
1877 Campus Delivery
Fort Collins, CO  80523-1877

Please note: Depending on the manner in which application materials are sent, it may take as many as 5-7 business days for us to receive your application materials.

Enrollment Requirements: Once a student has been admitted into the Master's program, they must be continuously registered for fall and spring semesters until they graduate. Please see Graduate Enrollment Requirements for additional information.

International Applicants: International applicants will need to provide the materials listed above, as well as certified translations of all transcripts (if transcripts are not in English) and TOEFL scores, unless applicant's country of origin is on the list of TOEFL exempt countries. Minimum TOEFL scores acceptable by the Graduate School Admissions office are: 550 paper-based, 80 web-based, or 6.5 IELTS. International students with a degree or work experience from a country in which the official language is English may petition for a waiver of the TOEFL. You do not need proof of financial support when applying for the distance program. Please contact the Statistics Department's Distance office or the Graduate School for additional information.

Note: When communicating with the Graduate School, you need to specify that you wish to pursue the MAS degree in Statistics by distance (MAST-DD-MAS).

Once all documents are on file, your application is reviewed by the Graduate Screening Committee and processed based on their recommendation.  The final degree diploma is no different than the one issued to our on campus students.  There is no reference to online or distance classes.

The graduate catalog and professional bulletin can be found here. You may contact the Statistics Department's distance office for help or questions.

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