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How to Drop a Course

If you are taking more than one class and want to drop a class, you can log onto RamWeb and click on “Registration” to get started.  RamWeb will not allow you to drop your last class!

If you are only taking one class, you will need to request a drop by sending an e-mail to Continuing Ed Registration at csu_ce_registration@colostate.edu.  Alternatively, you can fax your drop request to 970.491.7885 or mail it to Colorado State University, Continuing Education, 1040 Campus Delivery, Fort Collins, CO 80523.  We recommend using e-mail, so that you will have a clear electronic record of your intent to drop the class.

If you are a student admitted into a program of study, you must be continuously registered during all fall and spring semesters.  If you are dropping your last class, you must first register for Continuous Registration through RamWeb before dropping the class.  The purpose of this is to allow you to keep your admitted student status, rather than being automatically dropped from your program of study. Once you have signed up for Continuous Registration, you can then drop your class through RamWeb.  Note that adding Continuous Registration must be done before the Census Date, which is typically the beginning of the third week of classes.

If you have any questions about dropping a class, please contact our distance office at stats_ddp@mail.colostate.edu, Jana Anderson at anderson@stat.colostate.edu or Continuing Ed Registration at csu_ce_registration@colostate.edu.