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Master of Applied Statistics (MAS) by Distance

Colorado State University announces a new degree program starting Summer 2012.  The MAS degree will emphasize the practical methods in statistics, focusing on applications and computational aspects.  The goal of this degree is to enable students to start working as practicing statisticians in industry, government or academia right after graduation. This degree will be offered via traditional resident instruction (on-campus), as well as by distance. Please note that distance students will only be able to pursue this degree part time during the first academic year.

  • Degree may be completed in one year program August through June
  • Distance students may take longer than one year to complete this program if they desire to study only part-time.
  • 31 academic credits
  • 19 courses in six sub-terms (one 3-week sub-term, four 8-week sub-terms, and one 6-week sub-term)
  • Capstone consulting class in final summer session
  • Math and computing boot-camp programs (MSSA and CSSA) during the first summer session
  • Courses taught by regular statistics faculty



For more information on earning the Master of Applied Statistics by distance, please contact the Statistics Department's Distance Degree Program office at (970) 491-5268 or by email at stats_ddp@mail.colostate.edu.

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