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Distance Course Description

Please note that as of Fall 2007, our ST course prefix was changed to STAT. These courses are offered based on availability and student interest. If you want a particular course to be offered soon, please contact Dr. Jana Anderson . We will need at least four students to register in order to offer a course. If you would like to obtain a basic (generic) course syllabus, please contact Dr. Anderson. The schedule of distance STAT course offerings can be found here.

525: ( 3 credits) Analysis of Time Series I

Trend and seasonality, stationary processes, Hilbert space techniques, spectral distribution function, fitting ARIMA models, linear prediction.

Prerequisite: STAT 430. STAT 530 works as a "higher level" prerequisite for this course.

Text: Introduction to Time Series and Forecasting, Brockwell & Davis.

Computer Software: R statistical software, plus other software provided to student.

This course fulfills a Group II or III requirement for the MS degree, as well as serving as an elective for the Statistical Theory & Methods certificate.


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