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Certificate in Applied Statistics and Data Analysis

The Certificate in Applied Statistics and Data Analysis is designed for students who need a solid background in data analysis that emphasizes practical methods in statistics, taking emphasis off of theoretical development. It is intended for professionals or graduate students in diverse fields seeking a short-term program that will introduce them to statistical analysis.  This certificate may also be pursued by professionals who already have some background in statistics, but who need to update or improve their skills.

We have recently revised this certificate to include our new STAA courses. These courses cover a variety of topics in applied statistics and can be applied directly to the new Master's of Applied Statistics (MAS) degree.
The Certificate in Applied Statistics and Data Analysis includes an introduction to probability and statistical theory, applied regression analysis and additional training in more specialized areas of application.  The minimum required math background for this certificate is college algebra, although a stronger math background is preferred. Some courses do require additional math background. Be sure to check course prerequisites before registering for courses.

All coursework for this certificate must be completed through our department, and at least 50% of the required credits must be completed through our distance program. Note: Application is not required for students to pursue this certificate; however, students not admitted to the MAS program will need permission to register for STAA courses.

The Certificate in Applied Statistics and Data Analysis may be earned by taking at least 10 credits of STAA or STAT coursework numbered 500 or above*, which cannot include STAT 501 and must include one of the following:
  1. STAT 512
  2. STAT 540
  3. STAA 551

Only one of the above choices may be counted toward the Certificate in Applied Statistics and Data Analysis.

Please note that all STAT courses are traditional semester long courses (16 weeks), awarded 3-4 credits while STAA courses are sub-term courses (8 weeks) and are awarded 1-2 credits.  See Course Descriptions for additional details regarding STAT and STAA courses. 

Prerequisites: Students must ensure that they have taken all prerequisites before registering for a course.  Students who are not able to show that they have taken the prerequisites may be dropped from the course roster.  For questions regarding appropriate prerequisite courses or for permission to register for an STAA course, please contact Dr. Jana Anderson.

You must complete each class with a C or better and achieve an overall GPA of 3.0 or better in these courses.

* Note: Coursework taken toward the Certificate in Applied Statistics and Data Analysis cannot include overlapping topics. (e.g. Students cannot count both STAT 525 and STAA 573 toward the certificate.) For questions regarding possible overlapping topics, please contact Jana Anderson.

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