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Distance STAT Course Descriptions

Beginning in Fall 2012, we will offer two sets of courses, our traditional STAT courses, as well as a new set of graduate level courses that are focused primarily on statistical applications, without as much emphasis on theoretical development. The new courses will have the STAA prefix. As always, please make sure you have taken the prerequisites indicated before registering for a course. Questions regarding prerequisites taken at other institutions may be directed to Jana Anderson.

Our courses are offered based on availability and student interest. Courses are offered with video lectures available by streamed video, mp4 download or DVD. DVDs, if used, must be returned to the Statistics Department upon drop or completion of the course. If you would like to obtain a generic version of a course syllabus, please contact Dr. Anderson. The schedule of distance STAT/STAA course offerings can be found here.

Note: We enforce our prerequisites! If you cannot show that you have taken the prerequisites for a course, you may be dropped from the class roster. Please make sure that you have taken the indicated prerequisites before registering!


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