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Courses for Non-Degree Students

You may enroll in any of our distance courses without being formally accepted in our degree program, provided you satisfy the course prerequisites.

The following may be of interest to you if you would like to only take one or two courses:

STAT 301: Introduction to Statistical Methods
STAT 460: Applied Multivariate Analysis
STAT 511: Design and Data Analysis for Researchers I
STAT 512: Design and Data Analysis for Researchers II
STAT 540: Data Analysis and Regression

STAT 301 is an introductory undergraduate statistics course. It requires one semester of college algebra. There is no software requirement.

STAT 460 is an undergraduate course in applied multivariate analysis. This course introduces a variety of techniques for the analysis of multivariate data. Some of the topics covered include multivariate estimation and testing, multivariate analysis of variance, discriminant analysis, principal components, and factor analysis. At the end of STAT 460, successful students will be able to conduct a computer analysis, using the statistical language R or S-Plus, for the topics listed and to interpret the results in a practical manner. STAT 340, a undergraduate course in regression, is the prerequisite for STAT 460.

STAT 511 and STAT 512 are designed for students pursuing graduate study or professional opportunities in other fields who wish to strengthen their statistical training. The courses survey a wide variety of useful techniques at a level suitable for people who need to learn the most important data analysis methods, without requiring a high level of mathematical expertise. At the end of the STAT 511-512 sequence, successful students will have mastered a basic "toolbox" of methods for use in their research programs or workplaces. Students will be able to design experiments, collect data, analyze data using the statistical package SAS, and interpret the results of the data analysis. They will also be able to check the assumptions on which each analysis depends, and to make appropriate adjustments or select alternative methods of analysis when such assumptions are not satisfied. Two semesters of college-level algebra and an undergraduate statistical course are prerequisites for STAT 511. STAT 512 requires successful completion of STAT 511.

STAT 540 is a core course for our statistics graduate students. It provides comprehensive and sophisticated hands-on training in statistics and data analysis. It is a challenging class well-suited for students who are adept with mathematics and basic statistical theory. The prerequisites are 6 credits of upper division statistics courses and some knowledge of matrix

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