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Contributed Posters
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Applied Probability and Time Series Symposium: If you wish to contribute a poster, please email title and abstract to Richard A. Davis: rdavis@Stat.ColoState.Edu by May 1st, 2007.

Please let us know if you also wish to have the poster considered as a contributed paper.  

Partial travel support for posters may be available.

Bioinformatics Workshop: If you wish to contribute a poster, please email title and abstract to Asa Ben-Hur: Asa.Ben-Hur@ColoState.EDU by May 1st, 2007.


Workshop Contributed Posters



Accurate Initialization of Probabilistic Motif Finders
Artem Sokolov, Andy Curtis, Mark Rogers, Ross McConnell & Asa Ben-Hur
Colorado State University
Modeling Naopore Ionic Flow Spikes with HMM
Alexander Tchourbanov
& Stephen Winters-Hilt
University of New Orleans
On Multiple-Testing Procedures for Analyzing SNP-based CGH Data
Kurt Zhang, Ping Yan & C. Thomas Lin
Abbott Laboratories


Symposium Contributed Posters



Spatial Error of Contour Lines
Joshua French
Colorado State University
Biased Bootstrap Methods for Semiparametric Models
Mihai Giurcanu,
University of Florida
Estimation of Structural Breaks in Nonstationary Time Series
Stacey Hancock
Colorado State University
Spatial Processes with Stochastic Heteroscedasticity
Wenying Huang & Ke Wang
Colorado State University
Predicting Invasion Success by Modeling Ecological and Evolutionary Dynamics
Andrew Kanarek & Colleen Webb
Colorado State University
The Economic Value of Intelligently Subsampled Realized Covariance Estimation of Asynchronous and Noisy High-Frequency Data
Lada Kyj, Katherine Enson, Barbara Ostdiek
Rice University
A Multiscale Analysis of the Temporal and Spatial Characteristics of Resting fMRI Data
Cheolwoo Park,
University of Georgia
Identifying and Estimating Uncertainty in Ecological Thresholds
Derek Sonderegger
Colorado State University
Spatial Models with Applications in Computer Experiments
Ke Wang
& Wenying Huang
Colorado State University

Graybill Conference VI
June 12-15, 2007
Colorado State University
Hilton Fort Collins

Fort Collins, CO 80526

Graybill Conference Poster
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