Graybill 2011 Conference

June 22-24, 2011

Hilton Hotel

Colorado State University

Fort Collins, Colorado

Conference Overview

Well-developed nonparametric methods are an essential part of modern data analysis, and an important and growing research topic within statistics.  The focus of the conference is on nonparametric and semiparametric modeling and functional estimation methods. The program consists of a short course, invited plenary talks and a contributed poster session. 

The conference will bring together some of the top researchers in this area, and the topics of the presentations will range from general overviews of relevant statistical material to more specialized presentations of current developments.  The focused yet relaxed nature of the conference will allow for concentrated discussion and interaction among the participants.  Following the conference, there will be opportunities for various outdoor activities in the area.

In order to encourage students to participate, we are planning a student poster competition, with the winners receiving travel support awards.  The short course on semiparametric regression by Matt Wand will provide a hands-on introduction to the topics in the conference and is particularly suitable for students and other people interested in learning more about smoothing methods.

The conference is co-sponsored by the Department of Statistics at Colorado State University and the ASA Section on Nonparametric Statistics.

If you have questions about the conference, send an email GraybillConference@Stat.ColoState.Edu

We look forward to welcoming you in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado!

Modern Nonparametric Methods - Conference History

The Graybill Conference has been hosted “approximately annually” by the Department of Statistics at Colorado State University, always in the month of June.  Dr. Franklin A. Graybill came to Colorado in 1960 and was involved in the development of the statistics program, first as part of mathematics and then in its own department. He founded the Graybill Statistical Laboratory in 1961, which will be celebrating its 50th year in operation next year. The previous Graybill Conferences are:
1. 2001 - Linear Models
2. 2003 - Microarrays, Bioinformatics and Related Topics
3. 2004 - Spatial Statistics: Agricultural, Ecological and Environmental Applications
4. 2005 - Statistics in Information Technology
5. 2006 - Multiscale Methods and Statistics: A Productive Marriage
6. 2007 - Applied Probability Symposium
7. 2008 - Biopharmaceutical Statistics
8. 2009 - Extreme Value Analysis



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