Statistics Students Awarded College Honors and High Honors at CURC

Throughout the year, students enrolled at CSU are invited to participate in a variety of events that recognizes and honors their achievements and showcases what they have learned as a result of their scholarly research, scientific inquiry, and or creative endeavors. Among the most visible is CURC, the annual Celebrate Undergraduate Research and Creativity Showcase held each April. Culminating in an awards ceremony that recognizes all participants and honors awards winners from events throughout the year, this juried showcase features outstanding performers from every discipline.Two of the student groups from STAT 472 were awarded with College Honors and High Honors at CURC this week. The groups were as follows:

- “The Study of People’s Preferred News Sources for Equine Disease Information” was awarded College Honors. Those students are Yao Shi, Ziqian Fu, Michael Ingram, and Mitchell Lane. The graduate student mentor was Zheyuan Wang.

- “Budding Monkeyflower Moisture Content Threshold” was awarded High Honors. Those students are Sydney Soetaert, Zachary Goodenow, Jose Amaya Santanach, Zhiming Guo, and Doran Wood. The graduate student mentor was Xiaoming Xu.


Congratulations students! Keep up the great work!


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