Departmental Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Statistics is: To devise and develop statistical and probabilistic theories and techniques, and to disseminate statistical knowledge through teaching, advising, and outreach programs, in order to serve the needs of the University, and local, state and national bodies in research, government, business, and industry. This mission statement will be implemented by:


(i) providing an excellent teaching environment at all levels, including: wide spread service courses where students across the University will learn the principles and practices of statistical methods at the undergraduate and graduate level; courses leading to a major, concentration or minor in Statistics; courses and research advising leading to an M.S. in Statistics; and courses and research advising leading to a Ph.D. in Statistics;

(ii) carrying out research in mathematical statistics, applied statistics, and probability which will be recognized at a national and international level as advancing the state of knowledge of the discipline;

(iii)carrying out applied research based on interaction with other disciplines and workers both within and outside the University; providing statistical advice or consulting to the University community; and more broadly working on any problems where the specialist expertise of the Department is relevant, within the state, nationally, or internationally.

By implementing this mission, the Department of Statistics contributes substantially to the central roles and mission of Colorado State University, through its graduate research, its support for the programs in agriculture, forestry, natural resources and veterinary medicine, its enthusiastic implementation of the land-grant concept of a balanced program of teaching, research, extension and public service, its recognition and adaptation to the rapidly changing global environment and its commitment to excellence in international education and collaboration.    

As part of a public research university, the Department of Statistics places particular importance on its outreach activities.  These include the provision of courses such as STAT511-512 (averaging over 200 enrolled/year), which are designed to enhance the quality and efficiency of research throughout the university; the provision of consulting services via the Franklin A. Graybill Statistical Laboratory and CASE (Center for Applied Statistical Expertise); and the offering of its Distance Program.  The Distance Program allows students throughout the country to take graduate level courses and to earn an MS degree or a certificate in statistics for their benefit and the benefit of their employers. The Department of Statistics is of particular importance to the State of Colorado and neighboring areas since it is without doubt the preeminent statistics program in the Rocky Mountain region in terms of education, outreach and research.