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Seminar Announcement

Topics for statistical research at the National Center for Atmospheric

Eric Gilleland and Matthew Pocernich, NCAR

Monday, April 20, 2009

4:00 pm, 223 Weber

At National Center for Atmospheric Research, the Research Applications
Laboratory (RAL) is tasked with assisting in the transfer of technology
between the the more theoretical divisions at NCAR and the public.   These
projects both deal with new technology and methods and  yet address real
world issues.  Our talk outlines 10 or so topics or projects at RAL which
have an interesting and challenging statistical component.  Statistically,
the methods involved range from design of experiments to spatial
statistics to time series analysis.  This talk serves two purposes.
First, illustrates that great variety of ways that statistics might be
applied to many types of problems.  Second, for those searching for a
topic for a masters project, these topics might provide an interesting