Residual Lifetime Distributions and their Applications: The Median Residual Lifetime

Bander Al-Zahrani
Master’s Candidate, Department of Statistics, Colorado State University
Tuesday, 14 October 2003
1:10 PM
E106 Engineering

Suppose that we want to buy a used item such as computer. In such a situation we do not know the age (hours in working) of the computer.  Therefore, it would be of interest to have some criteria, which can be used to give us indications of the future performance of the purchased item. The concept of aging has been discussed in terms of the individual's survival time distribution such as hazard rate, hazard average, and mean residual lifetime. However, in some instances the hazard rate or the average hazard rate does not give a clear view, and in some instances the mean residual lifetime does not even exist. In this study we consider the median residual lifetime for some distributions as describing aging. Explicit asymptotic expression for the median of corresponding residual lifetime distributions are found. Finally these expressions are empirically calculated and plotted.




College of Natural Sciences




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