Virt-Ex: An Interactive Data Generating Simulator to Provide a Practical Application for Experimental Design

Timothy A. Spears
M.S. Candidate, Department of Statistics
Colorado State University
Tuesday, April 4, 2006
4:10 p.m.
006 Statistics Building


Statistical techniques are increasingly being used to solve manufacturing problems. Training people to solve problems with tools like Design of Experiments requires more than just teaching the techniques. To get the students to realize the value of using the techniques, a successful practical application of the methods is required. To provide this practical application, Virt-Ex has been created. This virtual experimentation software consists of three modules. These modules vary in difficulty and provide real world problems that can be solved by collecting and analyzing data. The data are generated by models that produce results typical of a real manufacturing process. The data generated in each module varies in complexity. The complexity of the data being generated in the modules will give students experience in using the techniques being taught to confront issues like variation reduction, heteroscedasticity, and time dependent data. The software can also be used to illustrate that most manufacturing processes require balancing production rate with quality of product and using Design of Experiments is the most efficient way to reach the optimum of each.



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