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Seminar Announcement

Connecting Effective Classroom Research & GAISE Guidelines in the Undergraduate Statistics Course

Rick Gumina, Department of Statistics, Colorado State University

Monday, October 4, 2010

4:00 p.m., room 223, Weber Bldg


In the late 1970s and early 80s educational researchers, parents, and politicians were lamenting the poor condition of the US public school system (Mmmmm sound familiar?) and work began to characterize the problem as well as investigate potential solutions.  One of the leading investigators of the time was Madeline Cheek Hunter (1914-1994) who developed and tested the Instructional Theory into Practice (ITIP) model.  This model consists of 7 classroom organizational elements that, when employed consistently, are positively associated with student success as measured by retention, higher level thinking skills, and attitudes about course material.  In 2003 the American Statistical Association funded the GAISE (Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Statistics Education) project.  The result of this project was a set of 6 recommendations for teachers of undergraduate statistics classes.  The foremost of these recommendations is to, “Emphasize statistical literacy and develop statistical thinking” over calculation exercises. 

The goal of this seminar is to familiarize attendees with the elements and practice of the ITIP model within the context of the GAISE guidelines.  One of the consistent results in educational research across all age groups is that students learn more deeply and retain material longer if they “discover” or “experience” their own connections.  To that end, and in the interest of providing examples for some of the classroom elements described in the ITIP model, this seminar will have some of its own experiential components.  Please bring along your laptop and be sure you have a working internet connectionFor those without a laptop I will have, at least, one available for loan and I’m working on a source for about 4 more