Upcoming Seminars Tentative List
May 19 A Comparison of Estimation Techniques for Mixtures of Normal Densities
Stephan Whitaker , Department of Statistics, Colorado State University
Monday, 19 May 2003, 1:10PM
E103 Engineering Building

Former Seminars
April 14  Functional Data Analysis of Populations of Tree-structured Objects
Haonan Wang, Department of Statistics, U. North Carolina-Chapel Hill
April 10 Optimal Smoothing in Nonparametric Mixed-Effect Models
Ping Ma, Department of Statistics, Purdue University
April 8 Nonparametric Survey Regression Estimation in Two-Stage Spatial Sampling
Siobhan Everson-Stewart
April 7  Infinitely Divisible Time Series Models
Xuefeng Li, Department of Statistics, University of Pennsylvania
March 26  Estimating Distribution Functions from Survey Data Using Nonparametric Regression
Alicia Johnson, Colorado State University
March 24 A Review of Bioequivalence Testing for Reclamation of Strip Mined Sites
Jenya Polyakova, Colorado State University
February 24  Testing Covariate and Interaction Effects in Fully Nonparametric ANCOVA Model
Lan Wang , The Pennsylvania State University
February 14 Functional Regression and Principal Components Analysis For Sparse longitudinal Data
Fang Yao, University of California-Davis
February 10  Do Parasitoids Regulate Pea Aphid Populations in Alfalfa?A Model-based Approach to Analyzing Ecological Time Series.
Kevin Gross, University of Wisconsin-Madison
February 07  Approximate Likelihoods for Spatial Processes
Petrutza C. Caragea, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
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