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Department of Statistics Ph.D. Alumni

Graduation Year:

Grad Year
Current Affiliation
Patrick Eicker SM1969  
Albert Kingman SM1969  
George Milliken SM1969  
Wade Halvorson SP1969  
David Bowden 1968 Emeritus Faculty, Colorado State Univ.
Robert Heiny FA1968  
Ben Duran SM1966  
Surgounda Patil SM1966  
Terrence Connell WTR1966 Retired, US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development
Robert Rounding WTR1965 Deceased
N. Scott Urquhart SM 1965 Emeritus Faculty, Colorado State Univ.
Donald Barr SM1965 Retired, Naval Postgraduate School
William Owen SM1965 Retired, Eastern Washington State Univ.


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