F. Jay Breidt
Professor and Associate Chair
Current Research
Small Angle X-Ray Scattering [09/10-08/14, Inverse Problem for Estimating Structure of Biological Macromolecules from SAXS (with D. Estep, K. Luger, J. Mueller, M. van der Woerd), Joint NSF/NIGMS Initiative to Support Research in the Area of Mathematical Biology.]
Analytic Inference for Complex Surveys [09/09-08/12, Some Issues in Analytic Inference from Complex Surveys, (with Jean D. Opsomer), US National Science Foundation.]
* Estimation and Uncertainty Quantification for the Carbon Cycle [ 01/01/08-12/31/10, Resolving net CO2 exchange in the mid-continent region of North America by comparing and reconciling results from inverse modeling and inventory-based approaches,  NASA Carbon Cycle Science]

Some Recent Papers
Some Recent Presentations

Last updated: June 12, 2012