Graduate Certificate in Theory and Applications of Regression Models

The Graduate Certificate in Theory and Applications of Regression Models (GCTARM) is designed for professionals and graduate students in diverse fields with a strong math background and a desire to improve their computational and statistical skills. The GCTARM covers applications of multiple regression and generalized regression models, as well as providing some theoretical background for these topics. The focus of this certificate is on understanding patterns and structure in data, and explanation/presentation of findings. The GCTARM is available both online and on campus (Main Campus Face-to-Face).

This certificate is at the graduate level, requiring students to have already obtained a bachelor's degree. It includes core coursework in probability, statistical inference and categorical data analysis, in addition to regression analysis. Formal admission is required for students to pursue this certificate. Please contact our office for questions regarding the application process.  

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Certificate Program Prerequisites:

  1. an undergraduate statistics course
  2. three semesters of calculus, to include multiple integration
  3. one semester of linear algebra

The Graduate Certificate in Theory and Applications of Regression Models may be earned by successfully completing the following:

  1. GSLL 3095 - Math Skills for Statistical Analysis (noncredit)
  2. GSLL 3096 - Computing Skills for Statistical Analysis (noncredit) OR STAT 500 Statistical Computer Packages (1 cr.)
  3. STAA 561 - Probability with Applications (2 cr.)
  4. STAA 562 - Mathematical Statistics with Applications (2 cr.)
  5. STAA 551 - Regression Models and Applications (2 cr.)
  6. STAA 552 - Generalized Regression Models (2 cr.)
  7. two additional credits from the following courses:
    • STAA 565 - Quantitative Reasoning (1 cr.)
    • STAA 566 - Computational and Graphical Methods (1 cr.)
    • STAA 567 - Computational and Simulation Methods (1 cr.)
    • STAA 574 - Methods in Multivariate Analysis (2 cr.)


Below is a general schedule of course offerings (all planned course offerings for the next several semesters can be found here):

Subterm 1 (Summer): GSLL 3095, GSLL 3096
Subterm 2 (1st half of Fall): STAA 551, STAA 561, STAA 566
Subterm 3 (2nd half of Fall): STAA 552, STAA 562, STAA 567
Subterm 4 (1st half of Spring): STAA 551 (online only), STAA 565
Subterm 5 (2nd half of Spring): STAA 574

When selecting coursework for this certificate, please consider the following:

STAA 551 requires GSLL 3095/3096
STAA 552 requires STAA 561/551
STAA 561 requires GSLL 3095/3096
STAA 562 requires STAA 561
STAA 565 requires STAA 551 (can be concurrent)
STAA 566 requires GSLL 3096
STAA 567 requires STAA 551/561


Please note that the STAA courses are sub-term courses (8 weeks) and are awarded 1-2 credits.  An 8-week, 2-credit course will require the same amount of time per week as a 16-week, 4-credit course (approximately 12 hours per week on average). See Course Descriptions for additional details regarding courses.

For questions or to begin working on this certificate, please contact Prof. Jana Anderson.


More information on this certificate is available on the Graduate School Website. For more information on pursuing this certificate online, contact CSU Online.

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