Graduate Certificates

Graduate level certificates are a great way to augment your bachelor's degree and allow you better opportunities for employment. We offer two graduate level certificates:

Certificate in Data Analysis

- Students may apply to start this certificate in spring and fall terms.

Graduate Certificate in Theory and Applications of Regression Models

- Students may apply to start this certificate in spring and summer terms.


  1. All coursework for these certificates must be completed through our department.
  2. Registration priority for STAA courses is given to matriculated MAS students, with certificate students given second priority.
  3. All STAT courses are traditional semester-long courses (16 weeks for Fall and Spring, 12 weeks for Summer), awarded 3-4 credits while STAA courses are sub-term courses (8 weeks) and are awarded 1-2 credits.  An 8-week, 2-credit course will require the same amount of time per week as a 16-week, 4-credit course (approximately 12 hours per week on average). See Course Descriptions for additional details regarding courses.
  4. Students must ensure that they have taken all prerequisites before registering for a course.  Students who are not able to show that they have taken the prerequisites may be dropped from the course roster.  For questions regarding appropriate prerequisite courses or for permission to register for an STAA course, please contact Dr. Jana Anderson.
  5. You must complete each class with a C or better and achieve an overall GPA of 3.0 or better in these courses.

Computing Requirements: R and SAS are needed for both certificates. Other software may be required, depending on choice of elective courses. R is available by free download and is supported on most systems. Information regarding SAS can be found here.

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