Calendar for Spring Semester Distance STAT Courses

Here is a brief calendar for the Spring semester. For complete information on drop deadlines and policies, please check the Division of Continuing Education Drop and Refund Policy and Drop Deadlines.

Note: All of the dates given are approximate and subject to change.

Spring, 2012 October 15 Registration begins for Spring classes
  January 15 Registration ends for Spring classes
  January 22 First day of Spring semester
  February 3 Drop with 100% tuition refund (less fee)
  February 6 Last day for Continuous Registration (with late fee)
  March 17 Drop Spring semester classes with 50% tuition refund (less fee)
  March 18-22 Spring Break
  May 16 Last day of spring semester

For more detailed information, please visit the central Distance Degree Calendar web page.

Please keep in mind when dropping courses, that refunds are for tuition only (less a fee), and do not include the non-refundable $20 technology fee charged separately by the University.

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