Calendar for Subterm 2 (Fall) Distance STAA Courses

Here is a brief calendar for the Subterm 2 Fall term. For complete information on drop deadlines and policies, please check the Division of Continuing Education Drop and Refund Policy and Drop Deadlines.

Note: All of the dates given are approximate and subject to change.

Fall, 2012 June 1 Registration begins for all Fall Subterm 2 classes
  August 5 Drop with 100% tuition and fee refund for Fall Subterm 2 classes
  August 13 Registration ends for all Fall Subterm 2 classes
  August 20 First day of Fall Subterm 2 of the MAS
  September 2 Drop with 100% tuition refund (less fee) for semester and Subterm 2 classes
  September 3 University Holiday
  September 5 Last day for Continuous Registration (with late fee)
  September 16 Drop Subterm 2 classes with 50% tuition refund (less fee)
  October 12 End of Subterm 2 of the MAS
  November 19-23 Fall Recess

For more detailed information, please visit the central Distance Degree Calendar web page.

Please keep in mind when dropping courses, that refunds are for tuition only (less a fee), and do not include the non-refundable $20 technology fee charged separately by the University.

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