F.A.Q. - Department of Statistics

Who are the faculty?

See a list of us and our research interests here.

Who are the online and on-campus students?

Here is a list of on-campus graduate students. You will 'meet' other online students in your classes via RamCT (Blackboard).

How large is the STAT Distance Degree Program?

There are currently about 120 students enrolled in our Online Learning Program, with approximately 150 total course registrations (some students are able to take more than one class per semester). Approximately half of these students are admitted to a degree program; the remaining students are either working on a certificate; in the process of gaining admission into our MAS program; or just taking a course or two to improve their background in statistics.

Are the online students only from the US?

Approximately 90% of our distance STAT students are from the US. The remaining 10% of our students are from many different countries, including Canada, Australia and Germany, to name a few.

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