F.A.Q. - Online Learning Program Policies

What if I'm missing a prerequisite for a class I want to take?

We enforce our prerequisites. If you cannot show that you have taken the prerequisites for a course, you may be dropped from the class roster. If you would like information on taking prerequisite courses online, please contact Dr. Jana Anderson.

How far behind the pace of the in-class students can I lag?

We try to keep all of our online students at approximately the same place in the course. This works to the advantage of all - students, instructor and TA. Occasionally students will find themselves in situations beyond their control that make it difficult to keep pace with the rest of the class. When this happens, it is left to the determination of the individual instructor, whether to allow the student additional time for an assignment or exam. In most cases the student and instructor are able to work out a suitable schedule that allows the student to catch up with the rest of the class within a reasonable amount of time. In general, students should consider it a matter of courtesy to avoid delays as much as possible. When the professor must revisit old homework assignments and exams long after s/he has finished them in class, it requires an enormous amount of extra work. Both live and pre-taped format classes must be finished by the end of the registered semester.

Can I take more than one course simultaneously? But what if Financial Aid requires a minimum of 5 credits?

Experience has shown that it is very difficult to take more than 3-4 credits per semester if you have a job, a family, or other important commitments. Therefore we strongly discourage students from taking more than this amount, unless they have extremely flexible schedules. Some students find that they need to take at least 5 credits in a semester to qualify for financial aid. However, your employer may find it more profitable to cover the tuition and have you remain a productive worker.

I want to credit my CSU classes towards a different degree.

Students working toward the Certificate in Theory and Applications of Regression Models may be able to count all of their courses toward the MAS degree, by choosing their courses from the list of required courses for the MAS degree. If you decide to continue later on towards the MAS, these courses will transfer in towards that degree, provided the grade earned was a B or better. Thus, the Certificate in Applied Statistics provides a convenient intermediate step for MAS students who wish to postpone further studies while still reaching an important milestone that they can proudly cite to employers. [Please note that at least 21 of the required credits for the MAS degree must be completed through CSU after formal admission.]

I want to receive credit toward the MAS degree for a class from another department or university.

Such changes are approved by the Graduate Committee on a case-specific basis. An admitted online student may write them with the full details of the request. This should include a description (with textbook title & authors) of the course for which credit is desired and the name of the course you plan for it to replace in our degree requirements. This is best done by providing the full list of course you have taken/ intend to take, showing where the proposed course fits in. The proposed course should closely match one in our program. Please contact Dr. Jana Anderson with questions regarding this process.

Since the MAS course plan has already been pared down to the bare essentials, the Committee may be reluctant to grant approval. Two general guidelines are that the Graduate Committee (a) approves only courses that are taught at the same level as our MAS program courses and (b) cannot give approval for courses which were used for credit towards the earning of any other degree at any other university. One of the most important Graduate School requirements is that a minimum of 24 credits must be earned at Colorado State, 21 of which must be earned through CSU after admission to the Graduate School. Our MAS degree requires 31 credits, so there is some leeway for crediting past coursework in well-justified cases.

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