Theses 1992-94
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1992-1D Confidence Intervals for Ratios of Linear Combinations of Variances in the Components-of-Variance Model
Rondge Gui

1992-2D Saddle point Approximations in Multivariate Analysis
Snehalata Huzurbazar

1992-3D Moments of Several Classes of Linear Permutation Statistics and Efficient Computing Forms
James B. Whitmore

1992-4T Confidence Bounds for Multiple Correlation Coefficient
Yongsang Ju

1992-5D Determination of Dispersion Patterns in Spatial Point Processes
Jana C. Anderson

1992-6D Approximate Confidence Intervals for Fixed Effects in Mixed Linear Models
Michael C. Mosier

1992-7D Stochastic Models for Population Growth With Catastrophes
Basel Moh'd Al-Eideh

1992-8D Estimation For Nearest 1-Neighbor Processes
Rafe M.J. Donahue

1993-1D Parameter Estimation Using Laplace Transforms in the General Queueing Model
Zhi Yong Zhu

1993-2D Analysis of Competing Independent and Dependent Risks
Yousef S.H. Al-Zalzalah

1993-2T Topological Conditions Enabling Use of Harris Methods in Discrete and Continuous Time
R. L. Tweedie

1993-3T Using SAS for Computations in Fixed Effects Linear Models
Said Hofan M. Al-Karni

1993-4T Saddlepoint Applications in Regression Models
Marc S. Paolella

1993-5T Uniformly Minimum-Variance Unbiased Estimator of a Function of Variance Components
Brent D. Burch

1993-6D Continuous Time Threshold ARMA Processes
Osnat Stramer

1994-1T Applications of Circuit Simulations and Statistical Tools in the Design of Products for Electromagnetic Compatibility
Andrew D. Sleeper

1994-2T A Comparison of Major League Baseball Offensive Performance Models
Tim Cree

1994-3T Assessment of Measurement Processes
Carlos A. Lara-Montero

1994-4D Fractional Factorial Designs for Estimating Location Effects and Screening Dispersion Effects
Chen-Tuo Liao

1994-5T Confidence Intervals for Ratios of Linear Combinations of Variance Components
Antoni Reverter i G˘mez

1994-6T Models Associated With Data Generation for Simulating the Performance of the Estimators of the Size of a Moose Population
Serap Hacimahmutoglu

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