Mevin B. Hooten
Associate Professor
Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology
Department of Statistics
Colorado State University

Office Location: 201 Wagar
Office Phone: 970.491.1415
Fax: 970.491.1413
Email: Mevin.Hooten "at" colostate.edu

Recent News:
  • April 25, 2017: New paper accepted in Methods in Ecology and Evolution:

    Williams, P.J., M.B. Hooten, J.N. Womble, G.G. Esslinger, M.R. Bower, and T.J. Hefley. (In Press). Estimating occupancy and abundance using aerial images with imperfect detection. Methods in Ecology and Evolution. (pdf)

  • April 5, 2017: New paper accepted in Methods in Ecology and Evolution:

    Hefley, T.J., B.M. Brost, and M.B. Hooten. (In Press). Bias correction of bounded location errors in presence-only data. Methods in Ecology and Evolution. (pdf)

  • March 29, 2017: New paper in Ecology:

    Hefley, T.J., K.M. Broms, B.M. Brost, F.E. Buderman, S.L. Kay, H.R. Scharf, J.R. Tipton, P.J. Williams, and M.B. Hooten. (2017). The basis function approach to modeling autocorrelation in ecological data. Ecology, 98: 632-646. (pdf)

  • March 16, 2017: New paper accepted in the Journal of Applied Ecology:

    Steger, C., B. Butt, and M.B. Hooten. (In Press). Safari Science: Assessing the reliability of citizen science data for wildlife surveys. Journal of Applied Ecology. (pdf)

  • March 6, 2017: New paper in NAJFM:

    Roberts, J.J., K.D. Fausch, M.B. Hooten, and D.P. Peterson. (2017). Nonnative trout invasions combined with climate change threaten persistence of isolated cutthroat trout populations in the southern Rocky Mountains. North American Journal of Fisheries Management, 37: 314-325. (pdf)

  • February 23, 2017: New paper accepted in Ecology Letters:

    Hefley, T.J., M.B. Hooten, R.E. Russell, D.P. Walsh, and J. Powell. (In Press). When mechanism matters: Forecasting the spread of disease using ecological diffusion. Ecology Letters. (pdf)