Natural Science Knits (NSK)

Natural Science Knits:A new mentoring program sponsored by Women in Natural Sciences (WINS) encouraging informal interactions between CSU College of Natural Sciences faculty and undergraduates.

Why knitting?  Itís fun.  Thatís reason enough, but there are lots of other great reasons.  Make something cool.  Give someone you love a unique item.  Also, knitting is a great way to reduce stress.  It is a mindful activity (like meditation).  There is even science that shows that knitting is good for you.

When and where:  Tuesdays, 4:30-5:30 in PiŮon Hall (public entrance is hard to find Ė be sure to see the map linked here).†† Weíll meet most Tuesdays for the rest of the semester.  We are an easy going group and we'll welcome you whenever you can make it.We don't care how many times you forget how to do what we show you or how often you can make it.We hope to see you there.

Donít know how to knit?  Weíll teach you!  We have a few more kits for beginner knitters that we can provide or buy your own supplies, see beginnerís knitting kit below.

Already know how to knit?  Great. Bring your knitting.  If you like, you can teach other students and faculty how to knit. 

Who can come?  For now:  Laurel Village residents and CNS faculty.  If this program is successful, we hope to grow the program to others at CSU.    

Whatís WINSWomen in Natural Sciences.  WINS supports women faculty in the College of Natural Sciences. 

Beginnerís knitting kit:If you donít have time or canít afford to buy materials, we can loan or give you the materials you need to get started. If you want to buy your own materials, please bring 1 skein of yarn and 1 set of needles.We recommend:

    Yarn: 100% wool worsted weight yarn

    Needles:size 8, 16-inch circular needles

    Other notes: We recommend light colored, smooth, straight wool yarn for your first project.Wool can be hard to find at the big craft stores, but they usually have some if you look carefully.   If you select another kind of yarn, see the paper wrapper on the yarn you select to determine what size needles to buy.   Or, ask the staff of a local knitting store and theyíll be happy to help.

Local stores where you can buy knitting supplies

       Your Daily Fiber

       My Sister Knits


       The Loopy Ewe

       Big craft or big-box stores like Joannís, Michaelís, or Walmart.They have inexpensive supplies but they donít always have expert knitters who can help you out.  

Useful knitting websites

    Learn to knit: Tin Can Knits has videos, free patterns and more.  a community of knitters (and other fiber arts).  Lots of free patterns and more.  Create and account and you can see all the terrific things that you can create.

     TECHknitting has lots of great tips and readable diagrams. This site isnít aimed at beginners, so it is especially useful after you know how to do the knit and purl stich.See the subject index for specific questions.

     Some good patterns for beginners:

o   Moonstone wrap