Frank W. Marrs

PhD Candidate

Statistics Department
Colorado State University
102 Statistics Building
frank.marrs (AT)
Curriculum Vitae

Marrs, F.W., McCormick, T.H., and Fosdick, B.K. (2017) "Standard errors for regression on relational data with exchangeable errors", arXiv:1701.05530. [Preprint | Code | R package]

Campbell, B.C., Marrs, F.W., Böhmelt, T., Fosdick, B.K., and Cranmer, S.J. (2017) "Latent influence networks in global environmental politics'", Submitted Septemeber 2017.

Marrs, F.W., Campbell, B.C., Fosdick, B.K., Cranmer, S.J., and Böhmelt, T. (2017) "Inferring influence networks from longitudinal bipartite relational data", In preparation.

Upcoming talks
July 2018: International Conference on Computational Social Science (IC2S2)

July 2018: SIAM Workshop on Network Science (NS18)

Teaching Fall 2017Spring 2016Fall 2015