Denver, CO, September 21 - 24, 2004.


Breidt. F.J.  Small Area Estimation for Natural Resource Surveys. - Technology

Burnham, K.P.  Wildlife Monitoring:  Success Requires More than a Good Sampling Design.  - A Case Study

Czaplewski, R.L.  On Remotely Sensed Responses.   -  Overview Talk

Dahl, T.E.  Remote Sensing as a Tool for Monitoring Wetland Habitat Change. - A Case Study

Edwards, T.C., D.R. Cutler, and N.E. Zimmermann.  Model-Based Stratifications for Enhancing Survey Detection Rates of Rare Species. - Technology

Fancy, S.G.  Long-term Monitoring of Large, Remote Areas with Minimal Funding: Hope and Encouragement for Natural Area Managers.  - A Case Study

Fox, D.  Developing Risk-Based Guidelines for Water Quality Monitoring and Evaluation: The Australian Experience. - Technology

Fuller, W.A.,  S.M. Nusser and J.J. Goebel  The National Resources Inventory. - A Case Study

Goebel, J.J. Interagency Cooperation in Natural Resource Surveys. - A Case Study

House, C.  The National Agriculture Statistical Service, USDA:  Contributing to Monitoring and Assessment. - A Case Study

Maiti, T.  County Level Wind Erosion Estimation Using National Resources Inventory Survey.  - Technology

McDonald, T.L. GRTS for the Average Joe:  A GRTS Sampler for Windows. -  Tutorial Talk

McRoberts, R.E. and P.D. Miles. A Brief Introduction to Statistical Aspects of the Forest Inventory and Analysis Program of the USDA Forest Service.  - Overview Talk

Olsen, A.R. Statistical Perspective on the Design and Analysis of Natural Resource Monitoring Programs.  -  Overview Talk

Olsen, A.R. Integrated Federal-State Partnership for Aquatic Resource Monitoring in the United States. - A Case Study

Schreuder, H.T.  Personal Reflections on Federal Forest Inventories in the USA.  - A Case Study

Smith, E.P., Y. Duan, Z. Li, and K. Ye.  Evaluations of Standards Data Collected from Probabilistic Sampling Programs. - Technology 

Stevens, D.L, Jr. The Generalized Random Tessellation Stratified Sampling Design for Selecting Spatially-Balanced Samples. -  Tutorial Talk

Theobald, D.M.  Robust Sampling of Natural Resources Using a GIS Implementation of GRTS. -  Tutorial Talk

Urquhart, N.S. and A.R. Olsen. Anatomy of Sampling Studies of Ecological Responses Through Time. -  Tutorial Talk

Urquhart, N.S. Roles for Statistics in 21st Century Monitoring and Assessemnt Systems. -  Theme Overview

Urquhart, N.S. Links to Monitoring Reports/Dcoumentation. -  Tutorial Handout

Williams, M.T., G.G. Moisen and K. Winterberger.  The Forest Inventory and Analysis Program of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  - A Case Study  (To be available later)



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