Here is what Sun says Java is. It is a definition worthy of Microsoft.

Sun tries Microsoft marketing again, but this time adds some of its own catchy bits.

The following makes me very glad I don't work for AST.

Pay no attention ... well, you know.

A bit here, a bit there ... pretty soon it adds up to real memory.

For Microsoft, open doesn't mean Open.

Microsoft is Licensed to ... License.

Lotus is a contender, but not at Boxing.

Microsoft's true slogan Japanese style.

Hell is other software companies.

Read this if you ever think that Microsoft wants anything less than everything.

Microsoft is a reserved company.

Banyan's StreetTalk is a misnomer.

Microsoft knows many things ....

When it comes to illegality, reality waves bye-bye.

Caveat Emptor, y2k style.

Now is that gratitude?

See what happens when you sell your soul?

Aiports as pets?

It is clear that the DEC marketing team was kept on at Compaq after the merger.

Regardless of circumstance, it's still Business as Usual in Redmond.

What year is it?

Computerworld presents the most relevant issues facing IT people today, as shown by this article.

Humor is still possible in unix, in spite of Sun's dreary corporate posturing.

You can guess who runs Parametric Technology.

A Modern-Day Morality Play