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After You Have Registered for a Distance Course

Your registration is listed as "pending" until it is reviewed and processed by Continuing Ed's Enrollment Services staff. This involves verifying your academic record, updating your information, and checking for holds. Registrations are processed the next business day; two business days may be required during busy times. Within 24 hours after your registration is processed, a confirmation email is automatically sent to all your email addresses on record. That email sometimes get filtered as spam, though, so check your spam and quarantine folders.

Billing Information: http://www.learn.colostate.edu/answers/registration/credit/billing.dot
Setting up your eID: http://www.learn.colostate.edu/answers/services/eid.dot
Information for Current Students: http://www.learn.colostate.edu/answers/current-students.dot

Textbooks are available through online booksellers or Kris Townsend in the bookstore.  Kris may be reached at 970-491-1658 or kris.townsend@.colostate.edu.  The textbook information for your course may be found at our Distance Course Descriptions.

Computer software is required for many of our courses. This information will also be found at our Distance Course Descriptions. Please contact our distance office for information on obtaining the software for your course.

Three websites you will need:

  • RamWeb - This is a resource website for all students at CSU. Here you will find access to your student records, such as personal records, application status and registration information.
  • RamCT - This is CSU's learning platform, a form of Blackboard. This is where you will go to find your course materials, such as announcements, assignments and handouts.
  • Lecture Storage Website - Many of our courses have pre-recorded lectures stored as mp3 files on a lectures website. These files are easy to download and view. Instructions for accessing this site will be included in your Welcome Letter (see below).

You can expect to receive a Welcome Letter with your course information on the Friday before classes begin. This message will be sent to the e-mail address that is connected to your eID (see below). If you wish to receive CSU e-mail at a different address, you will need to log onto RamWeb and change your contact information. Please be sure to read all information contained in the Welcome Letter.

Access to RamCT (Blackboard) is needed for all of our courses except STAT 699.  See instruction link above for setting up an eID.  As soon as you have an eID, you should automatically be added to the RamCT class list for your course.  If your course does not show up on your RamCT page by the first day of classes, please contact our distance office.

After your eID is set up, please log onto RamWeb to check the contact information in your personal records. Please make sure that your mailing address is current and that your e-mail address is an account that you check regularly. Your course lectures will be sent to your mailing address or accessed via download. Note: We prefer a street address over a PO Box, as we prefer to send course lectures via UPS. Your Welcome Letter, as well as all e-mailings from our office, will be sent to the e-mail account listed on RamWeb. If this is not an account that you check frequently, please change it to one that you do.

Proctor agreements are required for many of our classes. Your Welcome Letter will contain information on whether or not you will need a proctor for your course. If you wish, you may begin locating a proctor for your course using these guidelines:

  • Proctors may be:  college or university testing center representatives, military educators, pastors or ministers, continuing education officers, librarians, certified schoolteachers, school principals, or supervisors. These individuals must not be related to you.

  • Proctors may not be:  fellow students, subordinates of the student, coworkers/colleagues, peers, friends, neighbors, and must not be related to the student in any way.

Please do not use a 'standard' proctor form. We now have an online process in place for entering proctor information. Instructions for submitting proctor information will be given during the second week of classes. If your proctor will be away at any time during the semester, you may submit a 2nd proctor form for a backup with clear indication of the related dates. Proctor information is renewed every fall term and is then considered valid (unless student indicates otherwise) until the following fall.

If computer software, such as SAS is needed for your course, you will receive appropriate information at the beginning of the semester for which you are enrolled.

Feel free to e-mail our office at stats_ddp@mail.colostate.edu  with questions or concerns or call 970-491-5268.

Would you like more information about the program?
Charlene Spencer, Coordinator
Distance Program Office
Phone: (970) 491-5268

Fax: (970) 491-1084