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Entering the Distance Degree Program in Statistics

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What degrees can I earn? Are there other programs?
You may take courses at any time without seeking a specific degree. The highest degree we currently offer by distance is the Master of Science (MS), although we will be replacing this degree with the Master of Applied Statistics (MAS). The MAS consists of 31 credits of probability, mathematical statistics, methods and data analysis, including linear and generalized linear models, time series, experimental design, survey statistics, multivariate analysis, industrial statistics, spatial and environmental statistics, Bayesian methods, computing, and other topics. This degree normally will require 1 to 3 years to complete, depending on the number of courses taken per semester.

If you would like a plan adapted for a shorter time frame, consider the Certificate in Applied Statistics and Data Analysis. This certificate provides comprehensive training in applied statistics and data analysis using modern software. It is intended for professionals or graduate students in diverse fields seeking a short-term program to strengthen their statistical skills.

Our certificate program can be completed in 2-4 terms!

What background do I need to succeed in the MAS program?
You should have a math background that includes 1 semester of linear algebra and college calculus through multivariable integration (typically 3 semesters). At least one undergraduate-level statistics course is also required. If you have any questions about your math or statistics background, you should contact Dr. Jana Anderson.

What background do I need to succeed in the certificate program?
For the Certificate in Applied Statistics you will need to have taken college algebra, at a minimum. In order to have greater flexibility in course selection, students should have additional math background, including calculus and linear algebra. For any questions regarding your math background, contact Dr. Jana Anderson.

Do I need to formally apply for admission to earn a certificate?
No. You may sign up for courses as a non-degree seeking student. Once you complete the ten credits required for the certificate, you contact CSU Online Plus and request that they issue the certificate. You may also contact our Distance Degree office, and we will request the certificate for you.

Is the distance MAS the same as the resident instruction MAS degree?
Yes. The diploma you will receive is no different than the one issued to our resident instruction students. Our MAS courses will be offered 'live', which means you will take each class right along with the resident instruction students. You will view the same lectures, complete the same assignments and take the same exams as the resident instruction students. Exams are proctored, and exams that are closed book for resident instruction students are also closed book exams for our distance students. Since you take the same courses and complete the same degree requirements, there is no reference to online or distance degree on your diploma.

What are the specific program entrance requirements?
There are no entrance requirements for any program except the MAS degree. However, you should contact Dr. Jana Anderson to inquire about the right class to match your needs and background.

Applying for admission to the graduate program is a necessary step for pursuing the MAS degree. An overall GPA of 3.0 is required for admission. There are no specific course requirements, other than the necessary math and statistics background indicated above. You can take some initial classes in one semester while completing the application process, if necessary.

How much does it cost?
The current tuition rate is $619 per credit hour for all of our STAT courses regardless of residency status. The tuition for STAA (MAS) courses, which begin in Fall 2012, will be set at $649 per credit hour. STAT course tuition will not increase until Fall 2013, at which time, it will increase to $649 per credit, to match the tuition for our STAA courses. Contact CSU Online Plus for up-to-date costs. In addition to tuition, Colorado State University assesses a non-refundable $20 technology fee to help support increasing technological needs, improvements and advancements at the University. The fee will be assessed each term to any student taking academic credit courses through Colorado State University. The University bills this fee separately. Students are responsible for the costs of any textbooks and computer software. Most textbook and software information is provided with the Course Descriptions.

What do I need to send the Statistics Department to apply for graduate admission?
This step is only necessary if you are pursuing the MAS degree. You will need to complete an application form and send a $50 processing fee, a statement of goals and objectives, three letters of reference and a copy of official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended. An online application link for the STAT-DD-MAS program will be available at the Graduate School website sometime in November of 2011. You can find additional information regarding the application process at Applying for Admission.

Who processes MAS applications and who do I contact?
If you simply want to take a statistics course, then you do not need to submit an application. You can register as a non-degree seeking student online at http://www.learn.colostate.edu/. However, you should contact Dr. Jana Anderson to inquire about the right class to match your needs and background.

If you are applying to our MAS program and have any questions about your application, please contact Ms. Charlene Spencer at stats_ddp@mail.colostate.edu. She will help guide you through the application process. Once all documents are on file, your application is reviewed by the Graduate Screening Committee and processed based on their recommendation.  The final degree diploma is no different than the one issued to our on campus students.  There is no reference to online or distance classes.

Can I take classes while waiting for my application to be processed?
Yes, students with pending applications may register for classes prior to admission. Upon admission to the MS degree program, retroactive credit towards the degree will be given for successful completion (a grade of B or better) of such courses. However, you must complete at least 21 credits toward the MAS through CSU after being formally admitted to the graduate program.

How many credits can I take prior to admission?
Our MAS program requires 31 credits. Since you must complete at least 21 credits through CSU after being formally admitted to the graduate program, you may complete as many as 10 credits prior to admission. Note, however, that grades for courses completed prior to admission are not included in your cumulative CSU GPA.

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