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Symposium Abstracts

Beth Andrews
Rank-Based Estimation for ARMA and GARCH Time Series Models
Anthony Brockwell
Universal Residuals
Bruce Brown
Stable-Beta Distributions for Random Probabilities
Ngai Hang Chan
Recent Developments of Long-Memory Nonstationary Time Series
Kung-Sik Chan
A New Look at Model Diagnostics, with Applications to Time Series Data
Daren Cline
Stability and Moments of Nonlinear GARCH Models
Dennis Cox, Yue Wu, Jesse Turner & Josue Noyola-Martinez
Multiscale Models for Chemical Reaction Processes
Rainer Dahlhaus
Empirical Process Techniques for Locally Stationary Processes
William T.M. Dunsmuir
Quasi Monte Carlo Approximations to Large Dimensional Integrals for Inference in Generalized Response Mixed Models
Warren Ewens

Backwards and Forwards in Population Genetics Theory - and Elsewhere
Claudia Klüppelberg
The Continuous-Time GARCH Model
Piotr Kokoszka
Tests of Independence for Functional Observations
Alex Linder &
Ken-iti Sato

Continuity Properties of Stationary Distributions of Some Generalised Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Processes
Thomas Mikosch

Functions of Regular Variation
Tony Pakes
Dual Markov Branching Process
Mohsen Pourahmadi
The Rise & Fall of Partial Correleations: A Centennial Review
Sidney Resnick

The Influence of Dependence on Data Network Models of Burstiness
Murray Rosenblatt
Spectral Estimates for Almost Periodic Processes
David S. Stoffer
Automatic Estimation of a Spectral Matrix via Smoothing Splines
Osnat Stramer
Inference for Partially Observed Diffusion Processes: A Critical Review
Howell Tong
Looking at Volatility from a Dynamical System Perspective
Ruey Tsay
Multivariate Volatility Analysis: The CSV Model
Qiwei Yao
Modelling Multiple Time Series via Common Factors

Graybill Conference VI
June 12-15, 2007
Colorado State University
Hilton Fort Collins

Fort Collins, CO 80526

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