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Richard K. Burdick
Using Tolerance Intervals for Setting Process Validation Acceptance Criteria
Christy Chuang-Stein
Statisticians in the Pharmaceutical Industry: The 21st Century
Scott Evans - Chair
Bob O'Neill

Karl Peace
Christy Chuang-Stein
Janet Wittes
Marvin Zelen
The Future of the Education of Clinical Trial Statisticians: What Changes are Needed?
Dean Follman
Shared Random Parameter Models for Informative Missing Data
Joseph F. Heyse
False Discovery Rates for Discrete Data
Jason C. Hsu
Statistical Principles for Design and Analysis of Pharmacogenomics Studies
Dallas E. Johnson
On the Analysis of Crossover Designs
Karen Kafadar
Statistics and Biopharmaceutical Research: Bioinformatics, Massive Data, and Computational Challenges
Craig Mallinckrodt
An Analytic Road Map for Incomplete Longitudinal Clinical Trial Data
Gert Molenberghs
Every Missing Not At Random Model Has Got a Missing At Random Counterpart with Equal Fit
Robb Muirhead
Recent Developments in the Analysis of QT Interval Data

Bob O'Neill
Emerging Trends in Regulatory Biostatistics - What Might be Their Impact ?


John J. Peterson
A Bayesian Approach to the ICH Q8 Definition of Design Space
Katy L. Simonsen
Fun with Genome Scans: Lessons in Multiplicity from Whole-Genome Association Studies
Carrie Green Wager
Generalized Equivalence Testing for Similarity
Sue-Jane Wang
Adaptive Designs that Prospectively Learn versus Test Biomarker Sensitive Patients
L.J. Wei
Model Estimation, Checking and Evaluation via Prediction
Janet Wittes
Safety, Can You Paradigm?  A Statistical Lament
  1. Graybill Conference VII
    June 11-13, 2008
    Colorado State University
    Hilton Fort Collins

    Fort Collins, CO 80526

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