Graybill VIII
6th International Conference on Extreme Value Analysis


Workshop - June 22, 2009
Conference - June 23-26, 2009

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Dan Cooley
Richard Davis
Paul Embrechts
Anne-Laure Fougères
Ivette Gomes
Jürg Hüsler
Rick Katz
Claudia Klüppelberg
Thomas Mikosch
Philippe Naveau
Liang Peng
Holger Rootzén

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April 15:  Abstract submission deadline
May 1 Request for graduate student travel support deadline
June 1:  Hotel group rate ends
June 1:  Early Bird registration discount ends

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American Statistical Association
College of Natural Sciences, Colorado State University
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Extreme Value Analysis Conferences

Previous EVA conferences have been held in Leuven, Belgium (2001), Aveiro, Portugal (2004), twice in Gothenburg, Sweden (1998 and 2005), and most recently in Bern, Switzerland. As with the previous meetings, the 2009 meeting will schedule presentations on all aspects of risk and extreme value theory and their applications. The emphasis will be on probabilistic modeling, statistical analyses, and applications in
     - Climate and Atmospheric Science
     - Geosciences
     - Hydrology
     - Finance, Economics and Insurance
     - Biosciences
     - Physics
     - Telecommunications and Stochastic Networks

It is the aim of the conference to bring together a wide range of researchers, practitioners, and graduate students whose work is related to the analysis of extreme values in a wide sense. Topics of interest include:
     - Classical extreme value theory
     - Functional extremes
     - Measures of dependence for extremes
     - Simulation of rare evens 
     - Statistics of extremal events
     - Heavy-tailed phenomena
     - Large deviations
     - Empirical processes
     - Spatial/spatio-temporal extremes
     - Methods of risk analysis
     - Stochastic processes for extremes
     - Multivariate extremes

Graybill Conferences
The inaugural Graybill Conference entitled "Linear, Nonlinear, and Generalized Linear Models" was held in June 2001 in honor of Professor Emeritus Frank Graybill.  Frank Graybill is internationally known for his research and books on linear models. He was president of the American Statistical Association in 1976. The inaugural meeting, which attracted top statisticians from across the U.S., was an overwhelming success and inspired us to create an annual conference series whose themes would change from year to year. We also hold a one-day hands-on short course/workshop in advance of the Graybill Conference. 
Graybill I (2001): "Linear, Nonlinear, and Generalized Linear Models"  
Graybill II (2003): "Microarrays, Bioinformatics, and Related Topics" One-day workshop: Analysis of DNA Microarray Data 
Graybill III (2004): "Spatial Statistics Agricultural, Ecological, and Environmental Applications" One-day workshop: Applied Spatial Statistics 
Graybill IV (2005): "Statistics in Information Technology" One-day workshop: Information Theory and Statistics " 
Graybill V (2006): "Multiscale Methods and Statistics: A Productive Marriage" One-day workshop: A Crash Course in Wavelet Methods " 
Graybill VI (2007): "Applied Probability and Time Series Symposium in Honor of Peter Brockwell" Two-day workshop: Bioinformatics " 
Graybill VII (2008): "Biopharmaceutical Statistics" One-day short course: Hot Topics in Clinical Trials

Graybill Conference VIII
June 22-26, 2009
Colorado State University
Hilton Fort Collins

Fort Collins, CO 80526
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