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Distance Degree Program Course Schedule

Last chance to register for Fall courses! Registration for Fall 07 ends this Monday, August 13th. The Fall 07 semester will begin on August 20th. For information regarding registration for courses, please see the Continuing Education website.

The following table gives a general schedule of offerings for our courses. This schedule is often subject to change and individual courses can be cancelled in cases of insufficient enrollment. Each course may be offered in either live or pre-recorded format. For a more detailed list of courses offered by specific semester, please scroll down.

Every Fall
501, 511, 520, 540

Every Spring
315, 501, 512, 520, 530, 586, 640

Every Summer
315, 501, 511, 520, 530, 540

Fall course numbering changes: Beginning FAll 2007, our ST course prefix is changing to STAT. Also, beginning FAll 2007, ST 309 will be renumbered to STAT 315.

Note regarding prerequisites and STAT 520: If you plan to register for STAT 520, please contact Dr. Anderson to make sure that you have the needed math background for this course. The most up-to-date information on prerequisites for all of our distance courses is given with the Course Descriptions. Always make sure that you have taken the prerequisites before registering for any class.

Live versus pre-recorded courses: If the videotapes for your course are recorded from an on-campus classroom in the same semester you are viewing them, the class is live-recorded format. If the videotapes for your course were recorded in a classroom in a previous semester, the class is pre-recorded format. This distinction is relevant for course scheduling but does not affect your educational experience or transcript. Click here for more about pre-taped format courses.

MS Group II and III offerings: We will offer at least one Group II course each semester. Group II courses are 521, 525, 605, 650. In general each of these courses will be offered at least once every four semesters. STAT 699 (Thesis) is offered every semester; however, you need to consult your advisor prior to signing up for this course. Additional courses (Group III) will be offered when we predict there will be sufficient demand for them. The Department of Statistics reserves the right to cancel any course due to insufficient enrollment. Usually, a course will be cancelled if less than 4 students sign up for it.

Note to admitted MS students: The GS-6 Form (Program of Study) must be submitted prior to the end of your second term of enrollment after admission (summer included). If you do not complete this form on time, a hold will be placed on your student account, and you will not be allowed to register for classes. Contact Betsy Munson in the Statistics Department Distance office if you have any questions about this form.

For your convenience, we list courses that will most likely be offered in the next few semesters.

Summer 2007

ST309, ST511, ST501, ST520, ST530, ST540, ST605, ST570

Fall 2007

STAT511, STAT501, STAT520, STAT540, STAT521, STAT650, STAT523, STAT526, STAT645

Spring 2008

STAT315, STAT512, CE/STAT547, STAT501, STAT520, STAT530, STAT586, STAT640, STAT525

Summer 2008

STAT315, STAT511, STAT501, STAT520, STAT530, STAT540, STAT605

Fall 2008

STAT511, STAT501, STAT520, STAT540, STAT521, STAT650, STAT523

Spring 2009

STAT315, STAT512, CE/STAT547, STAT501, STAt520, STAT530, STAT586, STAT640, STAT525

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