Department of Statistics

Statistical Consulting ST 472
Spring 200

Tuesday (006 Stat) and Thursday( 206 Weber) 2:10 to 3:25 p.m.

Thomas J. Boardman, Ph.D.
Professor of Statistics
Department of Statistics
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523-1877

(970) 491- 5721

Course Description: Instruction in statistical consulting including data analysis, problem solving, report writing, oral communication, and planning experiments.

Course Objectives The goal of this course is for students to develop skills needed by a
statistical consultant. Emphasized topics include data analysis,
problem solving, report writing, oral communication with clients,
issues in planning experiments and collecting data, and practical
aspects of consulting management.  Students will also learn about some
topics not included elsewhere in the undergraduate statistics
curriculum including logistic regression, time series, quality
control, and non-parametric statistics. At the end of the semester, students will have the skills to:
1.  Write a complete scientific paper presenting a statistical problem, data analysis and problem solution.
2.  Give a quality scientific presentation.
3.  Understand and be able to put to practice basic skills in statistical consulting such as helping the client to fully state and assess their problem and determining the statistical analysis techniques that might be necessary to address real world consulting problems.
4.  Understand how to deal with ethical dilemmas as a practicing statistician. 
5.  Have a basic understanding of some statistical topics not included elsewhere in the undergraduate curriculum.

Course Format
Sessions on Tuesday & Thursday will combine a mixture of lecture, discussion, breakouts, computer sessions in our new Statistics computer laboratory in Weber 206. In addition to the Senior Project described on a separate page you will need to sit in on 3 consulting sessions in the Statistical Laboratory over the semester.

Topics to be Covered
Introduction to Consulting Techniques including Ethical Issues
·        Introduction to the Statistics Professional
Preparing the Statistical/Scientific Article and Presentation

Possible Additional Statistical Topics

Learning Statistical Program Packages
Intro to Logistic Regression
Intro to Control Chart Techniques
Intro to Bootstrap Resampling Techniques
Intro to Reliability Estimation
Intro to Six-Sigma Programs
Intro to Time Series
When to Use Statistical Tests not Assuming Normality

Senior Project- Guidelines:

Each student will complete a project that involves a design of an experiment or data collection of a study.  The write-up should emphasize the statistical issues more than a typical paper. (See handout on writing for more guidelines later in the semester.)  The project write-up should be no more than  20 pages of double spaced text in a readable font, plus supporting tables, plots and computations.

Project proposal: a project proposal is due February 24, 2005.

Presentations:  Students will give a 15-20 minute presentation to the class during our final exam period.  Written report: due during final exam week with exact date to be determined. The format will be discussed later however, the structure likely should resemble the style we discussed in class or be similar to one of the statistical journals.

Reading and Writing Assignments:

Links to pdf files of the articles you will read are shown below and the list will expand as new articles are added to the list.


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