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Seminar Announcement

Forest Inventory and Analysis: So many questions, so little time!

Gretchen Moisen, US Forest Service Forest inventory and Analysis, Ogden, UT

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

12:00 p.m., Weber 223

The Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) program of the US Forest Service has been in continuous operation since 1930. Our mission is to conduct and continuously update a comprehensive inventory and analysis of the present and prospective conditions of the renewable resources of the forest and rangelands of the United States. While analysis of timber supply is an important component of the inventory, we also assess plant diversity, fuels and potential fire hazard; condition of wildlife habitats; mortality and risk associated with fire, insects, or disease; biomass, carbon storage, forest health, and other general characteristics of forest ecosystems. In addition, we conduct research to develop innovative methods for sampling and integrating inventory data with remotely sensed information to improve the quality and efficiency of inventory analysis and reporting products; develop mapping tools and spatial depictions of diverse vegetation conditions; quantify disturbance effects on various resources; and support land management planning and monitoring needs by developing tools to broaden the scope of strategic vegetation inventory applications. There are countless statistical challenges in both the production and research components of FIA. The objective of this seminar is to acquaint students and faculty with some of these problems, and hopefully entice a few of you to help solve some of them!