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Seminar Announcement

Use of Aerial Photography to Predict FIA Estimates

Thomas Jackson, STAT-MS Candidate, Colorado State University

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

3:00 p.m., room 008, Statistics Bldg


The Forest Inventory and Analysis Service has been under increased pressure to produce more and more precise estimates of forest areas at reduced costs.  There are several ways to construct these plots, but large scale aerial photography is becoming increasingly popular to use because of the low cost in relation to field plots, where individuals are sent out into the field to gather information.  Using field data and aerial photographs obtained from the Lubrecht Experimental Forest in Montana, linear models and kappa values were obtained to compare the usefulness of aerial photography in predicting ground cover in the field.  Although aerial photography was able to identify several different types of ground cover, the results of the comparison with the field data did not show results statistically significant enough to conclude that aerial photography is able to accurately repeat the findings from the field plots.  

Advisory Committee:

Dr. Jean Opsomer, Advisor, Statistics Department, CSU
Dr. Jay Breidt, Committee Member, Statistics Department, CSU
Dr. Robin Reich, Outside Member, Forest Rangeland Watershed Stewardship, CSU