Seminar Announcement

Some Perspectives on Working for a Statistical Consulting Seminar

Lyman McDonald, Western EcoSystems Technology (WEST) Inc.

Monday, October 29, 2012

4:00pm, room 223 Weber Building



Dr. McDonald will briefly describe the type of statistical consulting projects conducted by Western
EcoSystems Technology (WEST), Inc., give his perspective on the keys for success in the statistical
consulting business, and describe the interests, experience and knowledge that WEST looks for when
hiring a new statistician.  He will briefly describe some of his current projects, his biggest failure and his
biggest success as a statistical consultant, the best advice ever provided by Dr. Frank Graybill when a
student at CSU, and the most important skill necessary for a successful consulting career. Finally, he
will provide some insight into how consulting companies set rates and billing targets for employees, the
biggest contributors to overhead, some advice if you are going to start a consulting business, and some
questions you may forget to ask when interviewing for a job as a statistician.