Department of Statistics Ph.D. Alumni

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Name Grad Year Current Affiliation Advisor
Damian Wandler SP 2010 Sr. Director of Data Science, Oracle Jan Hanning
Derek Sonderegger SP 2010 Assistant Professor, Northern Arizona University Haonan Wang
Sunghoon Chung FA 2010 Instructor, Central Michigan University Ronald Butler
Kelly McConville SP 2011 Assistant Professor at Swarthmore College Jay Breidt and Thomas Lee
Amber Hackstadt SU 2011 Research Assistant Professor in Biostatistics, Vanderbilt University Jennifer Hoeting
Mark Dahlke SU 2012 Assistant Professor, CSU Jay Breidt
Tingjin Chu SU 2012 Lecturer, Remnin University Haonan Wang
Daniel Hernandez- Stumpfhauser FA 2012 Post Doc, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill Jean Opsomer
Grant Weller SP 2013 Sr. Scientist, Savvysherpa Inc., Minneapolis Dan Cooley
Erin Schliep SU 2013 Assistant Professor, University of Missouri Jennifer Hoeting
Ephraim Hanks SU 2013 Assistant Professor Penn State Mevin Hooten
Huan Wang FA 2013 Sr. Biostatistician, Gilead Sciences Mary Meyer and Jean Opsomer
Yuan Wang FA 2013 Assistant Professor, Washington State University Haonan Wang
Zonglin He SP 2014 Research Faculty, John Hopkins University School of Medicine Jean Opsomer
Wade Herndon SP 2014 Visiting Assistant Professor at University of California - Santa Barbara Jean Opsomer and Jay Breidt
Bruce Bugbee SP 2014 Computational Statistician at National Renewable Energy Laboratory Jay Bredit and Don Estep
Stacey Edmondson SP 2015 Assistant Professor, Whitman College Geof Givens
Brook Russell SP 2015 Assistant Professor, Clemon University Dan Cooley
Libo Sun SP 2015 Johnson & Johnson, biostatistician Jennifer Hoeting and Chihoon Lee
Ela Sienkiewicz SU 2015 Postdoctoral Fellow at Colorado State University Haonan Wang
Jiwen Wu FA 2015 Novartis Mary Meyer and Jean Opsomer
Henry Scharf FA 2017 Assistant Professor at San Diego State Univeristy Mevin Hooten


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