Information for Admitted Distance MAS Students

Continuous Registration: Once you have been formally admitted into the Distance MAS program, you will need to be registered for courses every fall and spring semester until you graduate. If you are not able to take courses during a given fall or spring semester, you will need to sign up for Continuous Registration through RamWeb. Failure to sign up for a course or Continuous Registration during a fall or spring semester will result in your admission being dropped. In this case you would need to re-apply for admission before taking any more courses.

GS-6 Form: The GS-6 Form (Program of Study) must be submitted before the time of the fourth regular semester registration after admission. This form is only a plan, and does not need to be followed exactly, but it must align with our course requirements. If you do not complete this form on time, a hold will be placed on your student account, and you will not be allowed to register for classes. Instructions for completing this form will be sent to students during their first term of admission.

Course selection: At this time, MAS students are required to complete all STAA courses, plus MSSA and CSSA. Course requirements are the following:

Prerequisites: Prerequisites are important. Always check the Distance STAA Course Descriptions prior to registering for a course to make sure that you have taken the prerequisites. You can also find the textbook and software requirements for each course at this site.


Graduation Requirements: During the term that you intend to graduate, you will need to submit form GS25 (Application for Graduation). Our distance office will assist you in completing these forms. Please be sure to contact our Distance Program office at the beginning of your graduation term.

Deadline for turning in the GS25 can be found here.

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