Educational Resources, Books and Software for the Distance Degree Program

What books and/or software are required for my upcoming course?

To find out which books and/or software are required for your course, you may check the listings on our Online Course Descriptions site. Some of our courses are new and will not yet have textbook information listed. Please contact our Online Learning office for questions regarding textbooks or software.

How do I order my books?

The CSU Bookstore sells both new and used textbooks for our online courses; however, you may order your books from whatever source you wish. Other sellers might include a university bookstore near you, or several online retailers.

Where can I get general computing software?

RamTech is the on-campus software provider. It is worth checking their price because CSU subsidizes a number of 'site licenses' for commonly used software, which may reduce or eliminate the price. However, in some cases, you may be better off visiting a retailer near you, such as Office Depot or Best Buy, or visiting a retail software website.

Where can I get the R statistical package, and how much does it cost?

R is available by free download. This page includes information on obtaining a free download of R for your computer.

Where can I get the SAS statistical package, and how much does it cost?

RamTech has a campus site license price that's under $70. That's a great deal. You must reside in the US to use this option. There are other options available for students outside the US. Please check with the online learning office for information on this.

What helpful services can the library offer?

Lots. Visit the CSU Libraries link to see what's available. The library also has a special Online Students link.

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