F.A.Q. - Lecture Formats for Online Classes

How are the lectures delivered?

Lectures are recorded in the classroom and are provided to the student via streamed video. We attempt to give the distance student an experience as close as possible to that of being in the actual classroom.

"Live" Recording

Lectures are recorded daily in the classroom. Lectures are typically available by 5:00pm on the day of the lecture for the student to be able to download or view by streamed video. Students view lectures at a time that is convenient within their schedule. No 'online class meetings' are scheduled, due to the fact that our students live in many different time zones around the world. Exact time of lecture availability depends on the time of day at which a course is recorded.


Classroom recordings from past semesters are provided via streamed video. Students are provided links to the lectures via their RamCT course website.


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