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Statistics provides the reasoning and the methods for producing and understanding data; it is the science of learning from data. It includes designing experiments or sampling surveys for the collection of data, collecting the information, evaluating it, drawing conclusions, and presenting the results.

Statisticians work with people from other professional backgrounds to solve practical problems. Statisticians can provide crucial guidance in determining what information is reliable and which predictions can be trusted. This diversity of application is an exciting aspect of the field, and is one reason for continuing strong demand for well-trained statisticians.


SSC LogoNEW Statistics Success Center

The Statistics Department is excited to announce the opening of the Statistics Success Center, a resource for CSU students enrolled in introductory level STAT courses. The SSC is staffed with Statistics instructors, graduate students, and undergraduate majors.  We are dedicated to improving student success in the elementary statistics classes STAT 201, 204, 301 and 307.

Instructor office hours for these courses are all held in the SSC; see the schedule for details.  Statistics tutors are also on hand to work with students in any of these courses.

The SSC can be thought of as a free tutoring center for students that multiplies the impact of the tutors by creating a climate of collaboration. Students who get help from a tutor will be able to help other students in turn, and groups of students can meet in the center to work together and get help as needed from the tutors.

If you are a CSU student enrolled in an introductory level Statistics course, we encourage you to take advantage of this resource. 


Monday: 8-5pm

Tuesday: 10-5pm

Wednesday: 10-5pm

Thursday: 10-2pm

Saturdays & Sundays: Closed  


The Statistics Success Center is located in the basement of the Statistics Building in room 006.

Link to full SSC schedule with course numbers, instructor and tutor names here.



Statistics Department Undergraduate Advisor Contact Information:

Ben Prytherch

Ben Prytherch
Undergraduate Advisor and Instructor
MS, Colorado State, 2013
Email: prytherc@stat.colostate.edu
Office: Statistics 105


For appointment and contact information please email.




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